From the President’s Desk


Dear Members,

The season of festival has begun in the midst of a pandemic. I appeal to all our members to take all necessary precautions and stay safe and healthy in this pandemic.


As you are aware, BIS Standards will be made mandatory for all Toys including imported ones from 1st September 2020. This is a step towards checking the imports of non-essential products.


Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals has held meetings to consider the application of BIS Standards on Plastic Raw Materials. Organization of Plastics Processors of India has objected to the application of BIS Standards on Plastic Raw Materials. However, considering the huge volume of the imports of Plastic Finished Goods in India, Organization of Plastics Processors of India has requested the Government to make BIS mandatory on the processed Plastic Products.


I am happy to inform you that the 36 Annual General Meeting of Organization of Plastics Processors of India will be held on Zoom at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 15th September 2020. I hope you have received the Notice for the 36 Annual General Meeting from OPPI secretariat.


This issue of Plastiscope gives a very important news - “Borealis& Partners sign MOU to capture and utilize Co2 for plastics production”.


Lafarge Zementwerke, a member of Lafarge Holcim Group, OMV, VERBUND and Borealis co-sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the joint planning and construction of a full-scale plant by 2030 to capture CO2 and process it into synthetic fuels, plastics or other chemicals. Climate neutrality, circularity and innovation in Austria are driven by establishing a cross sectoral value chain for carbon capture. This innovative project significantly reduces emissions from cement production, establishing the greenhouse gas CO2 as a valuable raw material.


In the MOU, the leading industrial players Lafarge, OMV, VERBUND and Borealis agree on collaborating across industry sectors in the project 'Carbon2ProductAustria' (C2PAT). Its objective is to create a cross sectorial value chain and to operate a full-scale plant by 2030 which will eventually capture almost 100% of the annually emitted 700,000 tons of CO2 at Lafarge's cement plant in Mannersdorf, Austria. The aim is to ultimately use the captured CO2 as a resource.


In combination with green hydrogen (from renewable energies) produced by VERBUND, the captured CO2 will be transformed by OMV to renewable based hydrocarbons, which, in turn can be used to produce renewable based fuels or be utilized by Borealis as a feedstock to manufacture value-added plastics.


On 19 August 2020 a joint Webinar with ICIS was held. The topic of the Seminar was "Critical Issues Facing Polymer Buyers in these Unprecedented Times".


On 21 August 2020 a Webinar on - "Best Maintenance Practices to Increase Efficiency and Productivity of Plastics Processing Units" was held jointly with B & R Automation Pvt. Ltd.


Both the above mentioned Webinars were well attended and appreciated by the participants.


We are also organizing Webinars on Management and relevant Technical subjects. OPPI secretariat will inform you regarding these upcoming Webinars.


Stay Safe. Stay Healthy


With Best Wishes,


Dharmendra Gandhi