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This issue of PLASTISCOPE carries a detailed Report of the 33rd Annual Meet, where Mr. R. C. Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. was the Chief Guest. He spoke on-“ Making Manufacturing Competitive” based on his experience of more than 5 decades.


The entire speech of Mr. R. C. Bhargava has been printed in this issue of PLASTISCOPE.   I am sure that you will find many valuable take aways from the speech. I am reproducing below few “Pearls of Wisdom” from his speech.


  • I believe for the first time that this government is going to change the entire economic structure and create an environment in which companies can grow without limitations,  create conditions in which that can happen.


  • I believe that with the economic restructuring which is happening and with kind of the inherent advantages which India has, there is no reason why Indian companies should not become globally competitive and of global size.


  • Remember Japan – what it was when it started developing in the mid 50’s – Japanese companies were not much bigger than Indian companies. Their economy was not better developed than ours. Yet see where they got in a space of 25 years and I think we are now beginning to do that.


  • If companies are going to become global size and globally competitive, our mindset is to be first changed. Perhaps that is  the most difficult thing to do, that the mindset developed over decades should change completely leading to change of lifestyle, change leading to new way of doing business and living. But without that it is extremely difficult to take advantage of the situation which is now developing in India and those who will change accordingly, possible will benefit enormously.  Those who don’t may regret  after sometime that they missed the bus.


  • If you look at the developed countries, the big industrial countries, they create very big companies. Nobody has a 60-70% equity holding in such companies. It requires too much money to grow to that size but with a small share of the company their wealth is far greater than what anybody here can manage. So that’s the choice and if you start thinking about it, perhaps mindset changes will happen over time.


  • Production target is always fixed higher but critical issues like quality improvement, reduction of waste, reduction of expenditure, improvement of productivity, are never looked at. But these are the small things which have to improve every year and while many people have set-up quality circles,  groups, suggestion schemes.  It is easy to set up. But to get these to become sources of substantive improvement in the company every year doesn’t happen in most companies. Some suggestions come but nothing like what should come.


  • Just to mention in Maruti for the last some years, we have actually implemented over several hundred thousand suggestions every year. We have about 22000 workers and we get over 7 lakh suggestions a year. Through these suggestions, we save over Rupees 300 crores every year. Now that’s the potential of employees for improving the company, if they really want to improve the company.


  • Team work leads to much better success than people trying to do things individually. Growth to global competitiveness requires team work, partnership, each one looking out for the other, respecting each other and believing that everybody has the role to play.


Entire audience was captivated by this valuable learning experience.  OPPI is indeed grateful to Shri R.C. Bhargava for his time and inputs.


I wish you a very happy reading of this issue of PLASTISCOPE. 


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Achal Thakkar