Dear Members,


In my last message, I elaborated on the various efforts made by OPPI to remove the anomalies in the GST rates for the Plastic Products such as Plastic Molded Furniture, Interlocking Mats, Flask, PVC Flooring which are unreasonably in 28 % GST category.


A decision on the anomalies in the GST rates on the aforesaid Plastic products was expected to take place in the GST Council Meeting held on 5th August 2017. However, it is said that the Fitment Committee, Comprising Officers is still reviewing the GST rates. They are likely to be decided when the GST Council meets in Hyderabad in September 2017. We are continuing our efforts to ensure that the GST rate on the aforesaid plastic products used predominantly by the common man is reduced to 18%.


I expect that the migration to the GST regime has been smooth and successful for all our members.


A detailed report on the Annual Meet held on 28th July 2017 will be included in the next issue of Plastiscope, which will reach you shortly.


We are now in the process of organizing visits of our members to Reliance Jio Knowledge Centre (Ghansoli) and OPaL Petrochemical Plant at Dahej.  The OPPI Secretariat will plan these visits and intimate details to our member shortly.


PROPLAST 2018 which is being concurrently held during PLASTINDIA 2018 is just a few months away. I hope all our members involved in Plastics Processing have already booked their space in PROPLAST 2018. A special campaign has been undertaken to incentivize key Foreign Buyers to visit PROPLAST 2018 and source their plastic products from our members in India. Moreover, Secretary General, OPPI will also visit select African countries and urge their Delegations of Buyers of plastic products to visit our members at PROPLAST 2018. I appeal to all those OPPI members, who have still not booked their space in PROPLAST 2018, to do so at the earliest. 


With Best Wishes,


Achal Thakkar