From the President’s Desk                               


Dear Members,


In the November 2017 issue of Plastiscope, I informed you that Organization of Plastics Processors of India is carrying out several focused activities pertaining to Environment protection,  Plastic Recycling, School Awareness Programme etc.


The World Environment Day is celebrated globally on 5th June.


Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF), Government of India has decided to focus on the theme: “Beat Plastic Pollution” on this event.


Considering that the theme of World Environment Day 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution” and the issue of  Extended Producers’ Responsibility (EPR) with respect to Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change had convened a meeting of all stakeholders on 15th February 2018 at  Paryavaran Bhawan, New Delhi. I attended this meeting.


During the 15th February meeting, Additional Secretary, MoEF had asked all Plastic Associations (Plastindia, OPPI, AIPMA, etc.) to come up with concrete suggestions on participation in showcasing plastics recycling during an Exhibition & Conference,  which is planned during World Environment Day in New Delhi.


Additional Secretary (MoEF) asked all attendees to come up with suggestions on what to plan for this event.


The following Suggestions were given in the meeting:-


1. Booths focusing on Recycling of Plastics

2. Conference topics on Sustainability, Recycling, World-without-plastics

3. Use of post-consumer plastics waste in Roads

4. Showcase success stories in Plastics Waste Recycling

5. Showcase products made from Recycled Plastics

6. Pavilion on Benefits of Plastics Recycling

7. Highlight that plastics can be recycled; industry has large-scale employment; India is one of the largest recyclers  of plastics, etc.

8. Demonstrate how Segregation-At-Source will help in prevention of loose plastics waste on streets

9. Focus on Education and Life-Cycle-Analysis

10. Showcase draft EPR guidelines (if ready)


A suggestion was also given to change the slogan from “Preventing Plastics Pollution” to “Plastics Solution.”


Plastindia Foundation had organized a preparatory meeting of the Plastics Industry on the subject of  “World Environment Day 2018” on Tuesday on 27.02.2018. In the meeting held on 27th  February 2018 a Task  Force has been formed  to organize various events on World Environment Day. OPPI senior members along with Mr. Deepak Lawale will be part of this Task Force. OPPI Secretariat will keep you informed about the various events, which will be planned and also seek your active cooperation and contribution.


With Best Wishes,



Achal Thakkar